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What is GLOBALGAP Certification?

GLOBALGAP is an internationally recognized set of farm standards dedicated to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). The requirements that are made on a worldwide level of agricultural and market gardening businesses in terms of food safety, shelf life and quality. Through certification, producers demonstrate their adherence to GLOBAL G.A.P. Standards. GLOBAL G.A.P. offers Producers one core product: GLOBAL Good Agricultural Practices (G.A.P) Certification which is available for 3 scopes of production: Crops, Livestock, Aquaculture.

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Through GLOBALGAP Certification, you can demonstrate your commitment to Good Agricultural Practice to your retailers & buyers and provide reassurance for consumers. In addition to this, we show our commitment to protect our scarce resources by the implementation of Good Agricultural Practices with a promise for a sustainable future. For Indian farmers and exporters, Compliance to GLOBAL G.A.P is must for export of various fresh fruits and vegetables to European Countries..

For your customers, and end consumers, GLOBALG.A.P. signifies the safety and sustainability of your produce. Whether you are an independent farmer or part of a group with a management structure, Base Management System can assess and certify your business systems and processes against the GLOBALG.A.P. standard.

The GLOBALG.A.P. standard is a partnership between agricultural producers and retailers to establish a set of widely accepted certification standards and procedures for good agricultural practices (GAP). Its scope currently covers fresh fruit and vegetables, propagation material, integrated farm assurance (livestock, dairy, pigs, poultry, combinable crops and grains), flowers and ornamentals, tea, coffee and aquaculture.


Benefits of Global Gap Certification

Enhancing Confidence and Confidence of the Control Authority of the Customers for the Quality and safety of food. Supply of Assured raw materials to the Export market in the International market, and also to the Export Processing Industry. Good Quality Production by Reducing Cost of Cultivation. Control of Pests and Diseases by using lesser Medicines and Fertilizers. Major Demand for Global markets, Made using the best method prescribed in the world. The Opportunity to Comply with the Terms and Conditions Prescribed by the World Trade Agreemen Arrangement/Opportunity to Improve the Timely Management of Agricultural Management through the GlobalGap Scheme.

By Adopting GlobalGAP's Good Farming Practices, it is a world- Classified Product that Produces Good Quality Goods, which is given a special status and value in the Global Market. In order to Register for GlobalGrap, the following 16 issues have to be Settled.

GLOBALGAP Certification in India

Base management System can assist you to certify Producer for GLOBAL Good Agricultural Practices in India in Year 2004. Since 2004 Base Management System is certifying Individual and Producer Groups in increasing numbers.

In India, major share of Global Good Agricultural Practices certification is of Grapes producers followed by Mango, Pomegranate Producers. Now a days demand of chain of Custody CoC Certification for various vegetables is increasing due to awareness created by various Government Departments, Certification bodies, GLOBAL G.A.P Seminars etc.


Our implementation methodology

our end to end consulting includes following stages.

implementation methodology


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