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Reason of Existance of FAMI-QS

Food safety is a major concern worldwide, with the danger of food-borne illnesses or related hazards always looming. Safety measures are taken while growing food crops include regulations for the use of pesticides and fertilizers. In the same way, when it comes to animal products, the focus is on the feed and its safety. This is where FAMI-QS certification comes in.

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What is FAMI-QS Certification?

Feed Additive and Pre-Mixture Quality System (FAMI-QS) certification

FAMI-QS is a standard certifying the safety of animal feed and the quality of processed products as defined by FAMI-QS and defined in the FAMI-QS. European Animal Feed Regulation No. 183/2005.

The standard is derived from the Feed Additive and preMIxture Quality System, which is the abbreviation for FAMI-QS. The main goal of FAMI-QS is to provide advice to manufacturers. and related traders and help develop processes to Reduce the sanitary risks associated with additives and premixes in the food chain and improve the quality of on-site feeds.

The first standardized system was established in 2002. The FAMI-QS standard covers most EU countries, Norway and Switzerland. But it is available internationally and is currently used in over 47 countries. 


Structure of FAMI-QS

FAMI-QS has the same general structure as other ISO management system standards, such as:

The FAMI-QS Food Quality and Safety Management System follows the same general structure as other ISO management system standards and can be easily integrated with other management systems such as the ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 quality management systems. or FSSC 22000 Food Safety Management System

The ultimate goal of this Code of Practice is to ensure feed safety by minimizing unsafe practices and the risk of hazardous ingredients entering the food chain. The feed is considered unsafe for its intended use if it is likely to pose a risk to human or animal health, or if the food derived from food-producing animals is unsafe for human consumption.

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FAMI-QS simply Essential

This certification comes with many advantages for the producer of feed and feeds mixtures, as it is proof of safety and helps attract new customers. It is believed that this certification is the key to ever-growing feed markets in the US and EU, where there are strict regulations for safety and quality. Besides this, a company that restructures operations for this certification will see numerous gains:
  • Have a uniform assessment system
  • No need for other audits
  • Decrease hygiene & health risks
  • Monitor & Review process regularly
  • Maintain high-quality throughout
  • Reduce waste
  • Retain clients & gain new customers
When it comes to the quality and safety of meat and meat products, the end-product is only as good as what the animal eats. Considering this concept, special care must be taken on what the animal consumes at the farm and what kind of nutrition it gets. 
Having FAMI-QS certification lets the clients know that the feed produced has been evaluated with the focus on safety, legality and quality of the feed. In the process of acquiring the certification, the companies will have to put in place traceability procedures and have proper maintenance and cleaning of equipment. 
Getting this certification means understanding all the rules and regulations, and then transforming the operations to meet the requirements. It is not compulsory to have this certification, but it is a must if a company wants to extend its reach, especially to booming feed markets like the US and EU. Base Management Consultants helps companies to identify the areas that need changes so that they can get certified. We are dedicated to standing by our clients as they aim for greater success.
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Our implementation methodology

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