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BASE MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS (BMC) is a provider of professional services to organizations, offering the latest in Quality Management Systems Consultancy and promoting quality perception to organize the industry for a worldwide cutthroat business atmosphere. A key strength of BMC is lying in its parallel portfolios of services in the area of Quality, Environment, Health and Safety as well as in providing a basket of allied services that an Organization normally needs. Our head office is located in Mumbai (Maharashtra) and we have Regional Offices across the country located in Delhi, Jaipur, Moradabad (U.P.) and Bhopal. VISION

Our Main Motive

What We Provide

Our services can be categorized as under:
  • Training: Based on the expectations & nature of work of Trainees, we provide Customized Value-added Training Programs related to Food Safety Management; Requirements of Statutory and Mandatory Food Laws like Food Safety and Standards Act-2006; Requirements of International Codes and Practices (like Codex, SPS, TBT measures of WTO, etc.); Requirements of Voluntary Standards (like ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2005, ISO 14001:2004,BRC-Food, BRC-Packaging, IFS, Global GAP, etc.); Food Labeling; and Hygienic engineering &design in all aspects of food manufacture.
  • Project Development & Implementation: We provide technical support to organizations in the food processing sector with respect to Trouble shooting, Process Optimization, Process line Set up, Plant Commissioning & Erection, etc.
  • Licensing, Registration and Certification:We provide technical support pertaining to the Licensing, Registration and Certification of various Statutory and Mandatory Food Laws, Enactments and Orders. We also provide technical support related to Liaisoning with Regulatory Authorities(FSSAI).
  • Technical Services in Thermal Food Processing: We provide various services likeThermal Process Validation Testing; Sterilizer System Audits; USFDA Process Filing (SID) Assistance; Process Deviation Evaluations; Third-Party Validation Data Evaluations; Validation of Automated Sterilizer Control Systems; and Validation of Automated Sterilizer Control Systems in canned & retort pouched food products.
  • Advisory Services: We provide first party, second party & third party audit services and Gap audits against various Mandatory & Voluntary Standards. We also provide Technology Assistance for implementing Food Safety requirements.



Welcome Plan

Our mission statement is to ensure that we provide the right resources at the right time to maximise our clients’ business potential. We don’t want to be the biggest but we do want to be the best.



Welcome Plan

To be the most trusted and respected professional services firm recognized by our clients for delivering excellence.


Our Core Values

Welcome Plan

Our values of honesty, integrity, commitment and delivery are important to us. We are honest and straightforward in all our dealings with clients, candidates, contractors and our employees.

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We are just not an organisation but a dream to everybody required to associate with us with an ample scope of growth.


BASE MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS is a Growth Oriented Organization run by creative thinker Group of Experienced Food Technologists qualified from various leading institutes like CFTRI-Mysore, CFTPBN-Parbhani, UICT-Mumbai, LIT-Nagpur, PAULudhiana, etc. and diversified Experts from leading institutes like NDRI-Karnal, CIPHET Ludhiana, IIP-Mumbai, to name a few.

Business Strategy

About us

We identify the accomplishment as attain excellent consequences that have an eternal bang on businesses, societies, and individuals global. Our patrons prefer us since we dare caucus to discover the resolution that actually works - in practice, not just on the documents. Then we revolve up our sleeves and get the job done with our professionals in a wide spectrum of industries and we carry in experts from athwart our firm to make certain our clients obtain the most excellent services. Our precise skill is in energy and utilities, Food Certification services, consumer and manufacturing, government, defense, health, life sciences, and security, transport and logistics.

We assure the sovereign, consistent, professional counsel, observance of our client’s aspiration in the attention.

What We Do ?

Base Wing's business is serving to build companies more precious. We assist management to make the immense conclusion on approaches, procedures, amalgamations and attainments and organization. If they desire, we can facilitate interpret assessment into procedures to obtain outcome—which might signify essentially changing the company. Like other offices, Basewings is dedicated to client’s achievements, and pursue the "deliver results not information" philosophy. We consider that our suggestions construct a divergence and are not anxious to invest their money according to our guidance. The conviction that our mentors must determine their success in provisions of the Food Certification results of our clients is the most prominent feature of our customs.

We are amid the firms to co-invest in counsel attainment. The profits on these investments reproduce the impact of our approaches.

Our Team

Basewings have extremely competent and technical specialist to manage clientele. We are keen, determined, and dedicated; eager, approaching ourselves to formulate things take place; down to earth, gracious, and amicable. We like functioning with one another and we take pleasure in what we do. We choose and expand people with veracity, fervor, and the aspiration to make a mark. Basewings proffer the finest sensible trade practice there is: quite merely, our people discover how to build businesses more precious. We also seem for the exceptional public with one or more years of industry familiarity that may be appearing for the diverse challenge–from engineers to doctors, lawyers and journalists as well as qualified consultants involved in addition to their occupation at Basewings.

An assurance to edification novelty is one of the major spotlights of Basewings community sector participation. As a firm, we associate with the mainly innovative organizations at the forefront of education improvement. In addition, we persist that practice through our work with the best inspiration; for the growth of the customers.

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Skills in Various Sector

We are having skilful employees to serve your needs at the best level to achieve the target according to market scenario


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Our team is very skilled and highly qualified and equipped with latest techniques, technologies & marketing trends.

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